How to Block or Reject a Number on the Samsung S4 Phone

The Samsung Galaxy range of mobile phones have some convenient features that can spare you some of the telephonic stresses in a day. One of these features is the block or reject a call function. By creating a reject list of phone numbers, the phone will automatically block calls from these numbers without you even having to press the Disconnect button on your phone. It is a simple and easy

How to Buy Lotto Through FNB Cellphone Banking

Buying the LOTTO through your cellphone is easy for FNB customers. You can do it from the comfort of you home on your cellphone in a few easy steps. No need to go over to your nearest kiosk to buy an actual LOTTO ticket. This cellphone service is not restricted to the LOTTO. You can also buy the Powerball and Soccer6 through the FNB cellphone banking service.