Software to Download Videos from Any Website

Software to Download Videos from Any Website

Video sharing is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa as faster and cheaper broadband technology allows users greater flexibility in their online activities. Unfortunately, the speed of the Internet in South Africa still leaves a lot to be desired. If you are an avid user of YouTube or other video sharing websites, there are probably many times when you would rather just download the video to view it over and over again in the future, even when you are offline.

There are a number of different websites, applications and browser add-ons that can download videos off YouTube and Metcafe. One of the more popular, Best Video Downloader add-on for Mozilla Firefox, is free and highly flexible in the media formats available for download. However, it has its limitations when you want to download a video off a website that is not intended for video sharing. And it is not all that fast when downloading larger files, especially in the middle of the day. Fortunately there are a host of inexpensive software that can do the job better and even capture audio and video from web radio and TV streaming sites.

VSO Downloader

If you are looking for software to download video and audio off just about any website then you should consider VSO Downloader. You can download the free version and give it a try before deciding on paying for the full version, which costs $29.99 (around R270). We have used VSO Downloader for just over 2 weeks now and found that it is able to do what many other pieces of software promise, but do not deliver. Its integrated high-speed download accelerator means very fast downloading speeds, that have surpassed just about any other add-one or website service we have tried.

VSO Downloader can sit in your system tray and automatically activates the moment it detects any audio or video media on a website. With VSO Downloader’s auto-detection feature, there is need for you to enter the URL of the desired media file. In fact VSO Downloader works independently off your browser. The software will download your entire audio or video file even if you close the browser after the download starts.

And once the download is complete, you have the option to convert it into a number of different formats for viewing on your computer, cell phone, tablet PC or even to burn into a DVD and watch on your TV. HD video streaming is also supported and VSO Downloader can handle multiple downloads simultaneously. It is not just useful for entertainment purposes. We downloaded 6 video tutorials off a business training website to watch at our own leisure.

Although most of us prefer freeware options, there are some pieces of software that just do not have any equal among the freebies. VSO Downloader is definitely one piece of software that you should look at purchasing. The price is reasonable and the power of VSO Downloader will make you wonder why you ever tortured yourself waiting for videos to download and then constantly pause in-between as it buffered.

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