LG Netbook X140 Black Screen But Power Light On

LG Netbook X140 Black Screen But Power Light On

A relatively common problem reported on many online tech forums related to issues with the LG Netbook X140 is the screen blanking out entirely despite the power button indicating that the netbook is on. As you would have noticed, there is no reset button on the bottom surface of the netbook so a recovery seems impossible. But before you panic, there is a way to sort out this issue.

Firstly this issue is more often than not related to software and not hardware based.

You switch on the netbook. The power light comes on. You think you hear the CPU fan run for like 2 to 3 seconds. And then nothing.

It seems like the netbook screen or the graphics chip is damaged. Or possibly the entire CPU. These could definitely be the problem.

First try this:

  • Restart the netbook (hold down the power button till it switches off and then press the power button again to start up.
  • Tap the F11 key repeatedly.
  • The recovery screen may appear and instruct you on how to move forward. Or the screen may light up and load Windows as normal.

If the F11 key does not seem to be doing the trick then try the F8 button. But remember you will have to tap repeatedly within the first few seconds that it powers up.

Second try this:

  • Remove the netbook battery.
  • Hook up the A/C power cord.
  • Start the netbook (without the battery).
  • If this does not work, then hit F11 repeatedly as directed in the first procedure.

If this is not successful, it is time to get more proactive. You should take it in to a computer technician who is experienced with netbooks and laptop. Ideally if the warranty is still applicable then go to the LG dealer in your area.

But if you want to do it yourself then tread carefully. You will find that it is often easier to take apart than put back together. Always use the right tools and try to get your hands on a can of compressed air to clear and dust and fluff from the internal components. Never rub the inner components of your netbook with a cloth and your fingers.


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