How to Post Longer Tweets on Twitter

How to Post Longer Tweets on Twitter

The 140 character restriction on Twitter can be frustrating at times. But then Twitter is a micro-blogging service and if you really have more to say on a regular basis then you should consider starting your own blog through free services like Google’s Blogger. But every now and then you just have to rant on Twitter and want your followers to fully understand what you mean in your tweets. It is difficult to do it in just 140 characters without some skillful wordplay.

But there is a solution. Two popular solutions for tweeters who want longer tweets are TwitLonger and Tall Tweets. Both work differently but achieves your goal of longer tweets but not as you may have hoped.


TwitLonger is an app that will post your long tweet on its website and then post a link to your rant as a tweet on your Twitter account. No, it does not actually post the words of your long tweets on your Twitter account, simply a link to the long tweet. It is a great tool for somebody who wants to rant without interruption on Twitter without having to post multiple tweets. In fact, Twit Longer’s tag line is “when you talk too much for Twitter”. But is this really tweeting in the true sense of the word?

Once again, we say get your own free blog and rant freely. Rather tweet the links to your blog posts. But for those who are just occasional whiners on Twitter, then TwitLonger will suit your purpose.

Tall Tweets

Tall Tweets should be the preferred option if you want your long tweets posted directly to your Twitter account. It does not change the fact that a tweet ia 140 characters. How Tall Tweets works is that it breaks up your long tweet into many shorter tweets up to 140 characters and then post it to your Twitter account as a series of tweets. Tall Tweets essentially slices your one long tweet and posts the “slices” in succession on your Twitter account.

Of course, Tall Tweets may seem like the better way to go if you do not want to force your followers to go to an external site to read your long tweet. But for those of your followers who are following many other tweeters, you tweets may not show one after the other as the tweets of others may be interspersed among yours. Its just time factor. First tweet come, first tweet served.

Tall Tweet does have a solution for this issue. It can post your entire tweet as a picture to your Twitter account. Now your users can read your entire rant all at one go on the attached picture. Pretty much like a Post-It super sticky note.

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