How to Buy Lotto Through FNB Cellphone Banking

How to Buy Lotto Through FNB Cellphone Banking

Buying the LOTTO through your cellphone is easy for FNB customers. You can do it from the comfort of you home on your cellphone in a few easy steps. No need to go over to your nearest kiosk to buy an actual LOTTO ticket. This cellphone service is not restricted to the LOTTO. You can also buy the Powerball and Soccer6 through the FNB cellphone banking service.

Firstly you have to be registered for cellphone banking with FNB if you do have an account with the bank. If not, you can register quite easily. Follow the instructions on the FNB website to register for cellphone banking which are available here. Once you have registered, you can now buy the LOTTO and Powerball or conduct a range of other banking services from your cellphone.

Instructions for Buying LOTTO

  1. Dial *120*321# from your cellphone. Ensure that you are using the cellphone number which is registered for cellphone banking.
  2. You will be requested to enter your 5 digit cellphone banking PIN. Enter it.
  3. The cellphone banking menu will open up. Select option 3 labelled “LOTTO and more”.
  4. You can choose from the LOTTO, Powerball or Soccer6. The process for buying the LOTTO and Powerball is essentially the same so we will focus on the LOTTO for now.
  5. Once you select the LOTTO (option 1), you now have several options:
    – Quickpick
    – Choose your own numbers
    – Play past tickets
  6. The options are quite self-explanatory. Let us focus on buying Quickpick. Select option 1.
  7. You will now have to decide which bank account from your FNB profile will be used to pay for your LOTTO purchase.
  8. Choose the number of boards that you wish to purchase for the LOTTO Quickpick.
  9. Now you can confirm whether you wish to add the LOTTO Plus draw to your selection for an additional charge.
  10. You can verify whether you want to play these tickets for multiple draws or only for the next LOTTO draw.
  11. Confirm that you wish to purchase the LOTTO tickets for the quoted amount.
  12. Your LOTTO tickets have now been purchased. You can select option 3 to receive an SMS confirmation of the numbers.

You can always view your numbers and LOTTO history through Internet banking.

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  1. Comment…I have been trying to do powerball on cellphone banking. I want to choose my own numbers but when I enter my numbers the powerball no. is incorporated with my other no’s and not as a powerball no.
    this happened last week as well so I was unable to play power ball. is there a problem with the powerball program ?? or what ??


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