Fixing a Blackberry Touch Screen, Costs and Repair Centres

Fixing a Blackberry Touch Screen, Costs and Repair Centres

How much does a Blackberry touchscreen cost?

Although costs may vary for repairs and parts for your Blackberry mobile phone, you should expect to pay around R2,000 to R2,500 to replace a touch screen in South Africa. The price can be significantly higher or lower depending on the Blackberry model that needs to be fixed, as well as labour costs of the technician and sometimes where in South Africa you are located.

Unfortunately your standard phone warranty will not cover the costs of damage to a Blackberry touch screen that was due to your fault, such as dropping the phone and cracking the screen. If you have opted for phone insurance, then it may cover these eventualities but it is important to clarify the matter with the insurer.

Where to get your touch screen fixed?

Always speak to the store from where you bought your phone. Most reputable stores will advise that you send it to an accredited Blackberry service centre in South Africa. Even if the repair to your touch screen will not be covered by the warranty, it is important to remember that the warranty can lapse should you use a service provider who is not approved by Blackberry, the store or the phone network operator. However, if your warranty has already expired, then you can go to any technician of your choice.

There are many cellphone repair centres that may not be approved or accredited by phone manufacturers but can do the job at a much lower rate than approved centres. Even if your phone is old and the warranty has expired, it is nevertheless important to use only reliable repair centres even if they are unaccredited. These days there are many people and stores claiming to be qualified technicians and reputable service providers respectively, however, you may be disappointed by the level of service that you receive.

Why is a touchscreen so expensive?

The touchscreen is one the most expensive parts of a phone with touch capability. The technology that lies behind it has taken long periods of expensive research and development. A touch screen may seem like a simple interface but is a carefully coordinated precision instrument. It uses the changes in capacitance to monitor the location of your finger on the screen. Apart from the cost of individual parts, installing the touchscreen and ensuring that it works perfectly requires a fair amount of technical skill which further adds to the cost.

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