Error Message When Buying BIS for the First Time

Error Message When Buying BIS for the First Time

There is nothing more disappointing than getting an error message when you try to buy a prepaid bundle and activate the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) for the first time on your new Blackberry mobile phone. You have sufficient funds in your balance. Your have a fully operating Blackberry phone. But the system won’t allow you to buy the Blackberry bundle.

Vodacom users who use the self help service by dialling *111# may see the error message reading “The Blackberry menu is only applicable to Blackberry phones” and you cannot seem to understand why you are being blocked. There may be a simple workaround.

Solution: Service Provider Not Allowing You to Buy BIS

This solution is for Vodacom users who failed to buy the BIS by using the *111# menu prompts. MTN users should try dialling *141*2# and Cell C users should dial *147# and select option &.

  1. SMS the word “Blackberry” (without the inverted commas) to 100. Make sure you have sufficient airtime to be deducted for the purchase.
  2. Wait a few seconds for a response telling you that the BIS has been purchased for the month.
  3. Switch your phone off and remove the battery for about 30 seconds.
  4. Reinsert the battery and switch the phone on.

Give it a little while to connect to the network. If you see the Blackberry logo next to the reception signal then you know that you now have activated the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS).

In the event that this solution does not work, try to first perform a security wipe on your Blackberry and then try again, either by using the *111# menu prompts to activate the BIS or sending the word “Blackberry” (without inverted commas) to 100.

Should this not work then you will have to visit your nearest Vodacom store.

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