Create a Facebook Page for Your Business, Organisation or Event

Create a Facebook Page for Your Business, Organisation or Event

Creating a Facebook page is very simple and the interface is easy to use. You do not have to log in through your personal profile to create a page which is handy if you do not want to be personally associated with it. However, you will need at least a new email address that has not been previously used on Facebook in order to create the page independently of your personal profile.

To get start, go to the Facebook homepage at Look for the Create a a Page link which is usually located just under the Submit button. It should read “Create a page for a celebrity, band or business. Once you click the link you will be directed to the Create a Page interface (picture below).

Make your selection carefully as it can impact on the categorisation and visibility of your page to Facebook users. In this article we will  create a Facebook page for a business website that is not limiting its customer base by location. To proceed, we will the “Company, organization or institution” option.

You will need to choose a category. For the iWena website, we chose “Computers/Technology”.  Enter the name of your business below it. Check the Facebook Pages terms (read it first) and then click Get Started. You will be directed to the Sign up for Facebook page.

Logging In with An Email Address

At this point you have a couple of options. You can use an entirely new email address so that you do not have to open the Facebook Page on your personal profile. However, you will still need to enter a valid date of birth showing that you are over 18 years of age. Some choose to enter the date the company was started, provided that the business is more than 18 years old, or you may opt to use the business owner’s date of birth.

Remember that you cannot use an email address that is already in use on Facebook.

If you already have a Facebook account, either a company account or want to use your own personal Facebook login then click I already have a Facebook account link immediately under the Create a Facebook Account heading. You will then be directed to the Facebook login where you can enter your existing email address and password for your Facebook profile.

Set Up Your Facebook Page

Once you have logged in, either with an existing profile or new Facebook account, you will be directed to the Set Up interface. There are 4 steps to complete here in order to create your page.

Profile Picture

First you need to upload a profile picture. Ideally this should be your business logo. Ensure that the picture is at least 180 pixels wide or the picture will not be accepted. There should be a sufficient amount of white space around the logo for a good fit on your page. You can skip the Upload a picture step if you do not have one available immediately.


Next is the About page where you should add some basic information about your business or website. The description should give the full name of your business, mention where it is located if relevant and the products or services on offer. Try not to exceed more than 3 sentences. Also include your website address in the text box below the description.

Facebook Web Address

Choose your web address carefully. It is often simpler to use just one word as in your company name without details on the goods or services. For example, if your business name is Big Best Boerewors then choose bigbestboerewors as the web address. Or if your company name is iWena Technology Blog, just go with iwena. If the web address is not available, you will have to select a new name. Try to add your location if you are out of options.

Enable Ads

If you want to start advertising your Facebook page then you can enable ads and run through the advertising interface. If you are not as yet sure about advertising through Facebook, skip this step and come back to it later.

Your Facebook page is now live!

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