How to Wipe All Data from A Blackberry Phone

You’re buying a new phone and you want to pass on your old trusted Blackberry to your friend. Or, you may be contemplating selling your old Blackberry device since you have no use for it anymore. However, before your phone exchanges hands it’s a good idea to wipe all the data from your phone, so that your private files are not accessed by anyone else.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Phone Review

Recently, Samsung South Africa released the Galaxy A7, touted as one of the slimmest devices from the Galaxy stable. This smartphone has a smooth metal unibody and is available in three attractive colours—Midnight Black, Pearl White, and Champagne Gold. The Samsung Galaxy A7 has been eagerly awaited since it was first announced in January 2015. At that time, mobile phone operators Vodacom and Cell C announced that they would be

Blackberry Flash Light Staying On (Not Going Off) Solutions

Although you are not video recording on your phone or using any flashlight app, there are instances where the LED (flash or light) on your phone may stay on for absolutely no apparent reason. It is not an uncommon problem with older Blackberry models but can be quite annoying and a drain on your batter life.

Error Message When Buying BIS for the First Time

There is nothing more disappointing than getting an error message when you try to buy a prepaid bundle and activate the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) for the first time on your new Blackberry mobile phone. You have sufficient funds in your balance. Your have a fully operating Blackberry phone. But the system won’t allow you to buy the Blackberry bundle.

How To Setup BBM for Samsung Phones

BBM for Android and iOS means that you can be using one of the world’s favourite mobile phone messengers on just about any phone these days. Gone are the days where only Blackberry phones could run Blackberry messenger. It is very easy to setup BBM on an Android and iOS phone. We have focussed on Android phones here, since it the Samsung Galaxy range of phones are so popular in

How to Block or Reject a Number on the Samsung S4 Phone

The Samsung Galaxy range of mobile phones have some convenient features that can spare you some of the telephonic stresses in a day. One of these features is the block or reject a call function. By creating a reject list of phone numbers, the phone will automatically block calls from these numbers without you even having to press the Disconnect button on your phone. It is a simple and easy

How to Buy Lotto Through FNB Cellphone Banking

Buying the LOTTO through your cellphone is easy for FNB customers. You can do it from the comfort of you home on your cellphone in a few easy steps. No need to go over to your nearest kiosk to buy an actual LOTTO ticket. This cellphone service is not restricted to the LOTTO. You can also buy the Powerball and Soccer6 through the FNB cellphone banking service.

Fixing a Blackberry Touch Screen, Costs and Repair Centres

How much does a Blackberry touchscreen cost? Although costs may vary for repairs and parts for your Blackberry mobile phone, you should expect to pay around R2,000 to R2,500 to replace a touch screen in South Africa. The price can be significantly higher or lower depending on the Blackberry model that needs to be fixed, as well as labour costs of the technician and sometimes where in South Africa you

How to Find the Phone Number for a Vodacom SIM Card

Ever found a SIM card and could not recall the phone number? Unfortunately if you do not have enough airtime, you cannot make a call to another phone where you could see the number on caller ID. You could always phone Vodacom’s Customer Care on 111 and wait to speak to a call centre agent but that can be quite a long wait.