Blackberry Flash Light Staying On (Not Going Off) Solutions

Blackberry Flash Light Staying On (Not Going Off) Solutions

Although you are not video recording on your phone or using any flashlight app, there are instances where the LED (flash or light) on your phone may stay on for absolutely no apparent reason. It is not an uncommon problem with older Blackberry models but can be quite annoying and a drain on your batter life.

Blackberry flashlightThere will even be the odd passerby who will wonder if you are video recording them without their permission. It will surely get you a few unpleasant stares at the least and may even land you into embarrassing situations.

Unfortunately there is no single solution that seems to work for all Blackberry users who are experiencing this problem with their camera light. Here are some solutions that you should try.

Solution #1

  1. Switch your phone off.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  4. Replace the battery.
  5. Switch your phone on.

If you notice that the light turns on the moment you replace the battery, even without switching the phone on, then this solution is unlikely to work for you.

Solution #2

  1. Search for all apps that use the camera or just the light. Flash light apps are the main problem here.
  2. Uninstall the app.
  3. Switch your phone off and remove the battery.
  4. Replace the battery and switch the phone one.

Once again if the light turns on upon replacing the battery then this solution will not solve your problem.

Solution #3

  1. Select the camera icon.
  2. Switch to video mode.
  3. Click the Blackberry menu button and choose Options or Settings for your camera.
  4. Ensure that the light setting is on Off (not Auto or On).
  5. Save the settings.
  6. Restart your phone.

If none of these solutions are able to switch the flashlight off then you will need to seek professional advice. A reputable cellphone repair shop may be able to assist you. Remember that if your phone is still under warranty then you should first speak to the dealer.

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