About Us

iWena is an online magazine focussing on the South African lifestyle. From fashion and money to health and technology, the iWena magazine publishes articles and features on the unique flavour of being South African and living in the Rainbow Nation.

Then and Now

With its humbling beginnings as a technology publication in 2013, the iWena team realised the potential of an online lifestyle magazine. It was a natural evolution for iWena and as of March 2015 we relaunched our publication as a lifestyle magazine with a strong focus on technology and life in 21st century South Africa.

By incorporating multifaceted online channels such as social media, the iWena magazine has rapidly grown to a readership of close to 5,000 users monthly. Accordingly we have expanded our content base to diverse topics such as fashion, money, health and dating.

Tomorrow and Beyond

Our focus is on people and we allow budding writers the opportunity to contribute to iWena through their own content that is in keeping with our vision. The ultimate aim of iWena is to become a community-driven magazine where content is selected by and sourced from everyday South Africans.

If you want to contribute to the iWena magazine, please drop us a mail through our contact page.

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